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Roseline Odozi



Graduated Class of 1978. Roseline was a Dormitory Prefect - Form One Students in 1978/79 set. She started the Marymount Alumni USA/Canada Chapter in August 2015 with a vision to reconnect and link every graduate of Marymount College Agbor back to their foundation, and to rebuild the standard of our Alma Mater.  The idea started when I went to Nigeria for my Dad's funeral in 2004 and there, a lot of Marymount past and present Teachers were there to honor my Dad who was Marymount college PTA Chairman for many years.  Mrs. Pat Keshi Okonye, an old student of Marymount, who graduated in 1964  and also was a Teacher at Marymount, reminded me of the forthcoming Golden Jubilee of Marymount College and suggested I start a USA chapter of Marymount Alumni.  In July 2012 when I visited Dallas, I started the Member list drive and was able to collect about 20 phone numbers of Marymount's old students. I waited another 3 years seeking God's direction until July 2015 when the voice came and confirmed "It is Time to start the  Marymount Alumni" I then had a conversation with some of our seniors about the need to start Marymount Alumni this year 2015 and they advised me that it was a good idea. At this time, I started compiling names that I had and started contacting them and getting them prepared for this great journey.  Today, the power of God has fulfilled the vision and the rest is history. I thank God for the growth, The love, and the unity of the Alumni. I return all the glory and adoration to God  Almighty who gave me the "Vision"!

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our Advisory Board:
Lady (Mrs) Teresa Ojezua_edited.jpg
Teresa Ojezua
Esther Anumele_edited_edited.jpg
Anene Okocha_edited.jpg
Esther Anumele
Dr.  Aneneosa Grace A. Okocha
our Executive Board:
PHOTO-2022-07-18-20-48-27 (1)_edited.jpg
Patricia Akinyemi
Dorothy Uhurebor_edited_edited.jpg
Dorothy Uhurebor 


Vice President and Project Manager

Helen Afowowe_edited_edited.jpg
Dr. Francisca Etuokwu-Benyeogor

Assistant Secretary 

Helen Afowowe

Financial Secretary

image (2)_edited.jpg
Teresa Ogbankiti 

Public Relations Officer

vivian pic_edited_edited.jpg
Dr. Vivian Ekemezie

Maryland Chapter Coordinator

Annie Ighade_edited_edited.jpg
Anne Ighade (nee Onwordi)

General secretary

Patience Agholor_edited_edited.jpg
Patience Agholor


Judith Akangbou

Texas Chapter Coordinator 

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